Smash n Grab (Arkanoid)

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Knock 'em out with stealth, speed and accuracy in this legendary Smash 'n Grab Arkanoid action game!
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Your goal in Smash 'n Grab is simple: Destroy the tiles, whilst juggling to ensure you get the special feature tiles.

In this Arkanoid variation you control a paddle at the bottom of the screen that you can move left and right with your mouse. You need to bounce a ball between the paddle and the rows of blocks above. Each time you hit the blocks, some of them explode.

As in the classic version of Arkanoid, rows are added at regular intervals and they advance down the screen. You need to clear the screen of blocks before they reach the bottom. If they reach the bottom you lose one of 3 lives. Each time you clear the screen you progress to the next level.

Destroy the tiles as best you can without dropping the ball in the Smash 'n Grab Arkanoid game.

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